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 Dear Livejournal,

I don't know why that little ditty popped into my head. Seriously, the only thing Santino Rice added to Project Runway were his awesome songs about Tim. 

Speaking of Tim, I just finished watching Tim Gunn's Guide to Style. The woman being made over tonight was one of Tor's Publicity Directors! Although I didn't see major issues with her style before she was "remade", I do have to say that she looked fan-frickin-tastic when they were done. So, so beautiful.

In other news, I went to the bookstore today (payday, woohoo!) and bought a few books I was dying to read. Have I told you guys about my sad and sick obsession with Diana Palmer? She was one of the first authors I can actually remember purposely buying in the late 80's. Back when I was 14 or 15 and just bought romances by the bulk, with no real discernment. But for some reason I loooooved me some Diana Palmer. And I sort of still do.

You guys, I am ashamed, and yet...I still buy all of her books. And I just bought Winter Roses, her very first Harlequin Romance (since Harlequin folded the Silhouette Romance line into the Harlequin one). Oh man. It is such a guilty pleasure read, I cannot even tell you. 

How is it a Diana Palmer title? Let me count the ways. In the 30 or pages I have read we have already discovered:

1. The heroine is allllmost 19.
2. Her alcoholic, abusive father died a month ago, and yet when talking about her father's death, it is as if it happened months and months ago.
3. Her older, selfish, drug-addicted (uppers and downers and crystal meth, y'all!) sister is taking all of her rightful inheritance, having bamboozeled her father into thinking the heroine is a dirty slut.
4. She is living in a boarding house with another impoverished lady and a landlady (and yes, this is a contemporary).
5. She is in school to become a bookkeeper. Not an accountant, a bookkeeper. Party like it's 1967, everybody!
6. Her best friend evah is very wealthy and has a much older brother who disapproves of the heroine because he thinks her family is trashy and she is likely to take after her druggy sister. (As an added bonus, the hero is described as being "dishy" by our almost 19 year old, contemporary heroine.)
7. She agrees to go to her friends estate for the weekend because said hero is "out of town". Cue ominous music.
8. We learn heroine, who is not pretty, but not ugly either, with blond hair and green eyes, is prone to migraines. Cue ever more ominous music.
9. Heroine, oh noes!, has a migraine.
10. Stumbling out of bed in the middle of the night, blinded by pain and nausea, she runs into the hero. A douchebag.
11. Hero looks at her lacy nightgown, instantly decries her a harlot, and kisses her punishingly.
12. Have I mentioned said hero is 30 years old?
13. Hero finally responds to heroine's frantic cries of no by pulling back and noticing she is pale, white, and sweating. And not because he is so hot.
14. Hero gets some medication inside heroine, they banter playfully a bit, and then hero realizes that his magnificent charm has likely made the heroine fall in love with him. But oh noes! She is only 18! And she is not pretty! And she is not rich! And her daddy beat her! What is a hero to do?
15. Why, hook up with some floozy and get pictures taken by the tabloids of course. That will surely make our lovelorn heroine realize that he is not a marrying kind of man.
16. Lovelorn heroine sees the pictures and realizes the hero is not a marrying kind of man.

In conclusion, I cannot WAIT to see what happens next!



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Nov. 16th, 2007 03:43 pm (UTC)
Party like it's 1967, everybody!

LMAO!!!!!!! And that fast-acting migraine medication...I know some folks who'd like in on that.
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